2019 What a year!

I may have eaten quite a bit of chocolate. A year ago, I made a New Year’s Resolution to only purchase Canadian Chocolate.  I didn’t tell all of you about that, but I did indeed stick to that resolution.  The only time I bought other chocolate was when I was in Hawaii, and then IContinue reading “2019 What a year!”

A Silver Cacao Bean

Inspiration strikes.  That’s how this piece came to me.  It was just there, in my head one day.  Out of nowhere.  Honestly it has been awhile since I have made jewellery.  I used to make jewellery full time, but my partner’s job moves us when we aren’t always expecting it, and back in the dayContinue reading “A Silver Cacao Bean”

A Silver Cacao Pod

My goal for January had been to publish a blog once a week…. but then time escaped me. At the beginning of December I had an idea to make jewellery with a chocolate theme.  What you may not know about me is that I am trained as a Goldsmith and for many years owned myContinue reading “A Silver Cacao Pod”