A Silver Cacao Pod

My goal for January had been to publish a blog once a week…. but then time escaped me. At the beginning of December I had an idea to make jewellery with a chocolate theme.  What you may not know about me is that I am trained as a Goldsmith and for many years owned myContinue reading “A Silver Cacao Pod”

DesBarres Chocolate

Living in Ontario, I am lucky. There are a lot of bean to bar chocolate makers nearby. This is very handy since I am a chocoholic. Sometimes nearby is twenty minutes away. Sometimes it is a few hours away. Luckily, sometimes makers from a few hours away are in Ottawa. I love that the packagingContinue reading “DesBarres Chocolate”

A match made in Canada

So Canada eh? Let’s begin with a truly Canadian post… Maple & Chocolate on Canada Day It just tastes so good! Maple used instead of cane sugar adds an interesting and truly Canadian flavour to the chocolate. Maple syrup isn’t the easiest thing to make. It takes 40 buckets of sap from the tree toContinue reading “A match made in Canada”